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Aug 10, 2019

Hebei Yifelt Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Our professional design team will assist you with designing a perfect style to promote your brand efficiently and 

economically.Customer satisfaction is one of our main aspects and our commitment to deliver highest quality products 

to meet your demand.Shall you have any enquiries, please contact us and our team is ready to assist you.

Our factory is a manufacturer specializing in paper products with customized print and mould production. We are serving

 clients with a vision to provide a complete packaging solution in food service and customize special moulds for meeting

 customers' requirements. To ensure long-term stability of products, we always overcome technical difficulties by relying on 

production and processing professionals. We have chain-like production structures. Our production machines have been replaced

 by our machinery department during the source of improvement, innovation and invention. This is why we always take the lead

 in manufacturing paper products and earn a reputation as a provider of high-quality and custom printed packaging solutions.

We offer promotional bag such as non woven bags and canvas bags with customized printing in various designs, sizes and colours

 at very competitive prices - guaranteed!We chooses strong, premium quality non woven polypropylene and canvas, the eco-friendly

 and non-toxic materials.All our shopping bags are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, which is an easy and cost effective way to

 promote your business.Suitable for corporate gifts, promotional event and exhibitions.

Custom Packaging Bags Non woven bag

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