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November 09 , 2020

About Woven and Non Woven Polypropylene Bags

What is The Difference Between Woven and Non Woven Polypropylene Bags?
Both woven and non woven polypropylene bags are made from recycled plastic. The difference is in how they are built. To make woven polypropylene plastic threads are woven together in a more traditional manufacturing process to create a durable material. To create non woven polypropylene plastic fibers are bonded together. In both instances the fabric is durable, and when used to make reusable bags they will deliver years of dependable use.

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Custom Reusable Bag
Both types of fabric come in a variety of colors and are receptive to different printing methods. Both woven and non woven polypropylene can accept a matte or glossy laminated finish. Non woven bags are less expensive than woven polypropylene bags, so if your budget is tight this could be the best option for you. If your artwork features intricate detail non woven polypropylene bags may be a better choice. If you want a very strong bag that can hold many kilograms, a woven tote bag is the best choice. It can be used over and over again.

Why Use Cotton Bags - Know The Benefits
One of the main reasons why individuals make use of cotton bags is due to its usability. As of now, cotton bags can be used in numerous ways. Another reason is that of its environment-friendly features. They are eco-friendly and biodegardable. It means that they can be used again and again as they are durable and easily washable. These days, many supermarkets are offering cotton bags carriers instead of the plastic carriers as these bags are providing a helping hand in reducing global warming.
Occasions to Use a Drawstring Bag
You can use drawstring bags every day for a variety of occasions. The fact that they're all easily customizable and you can purchase them in bulk makes them excellent for large and small occasions.

For Example -Our product :

Non-Woven Eco-Friendly Tote Bag with Removable Bottom Reinforced Handles for Shop Keeper Groceries

High Quality & Delicate Details: Our printed grocery bags for shopping are made of 120gsm non-woven fabrics which is thick, sturdy and durable to withstand repeated use and long time use. With finely covered edge, these lightweight grocery bags are not easy to break or damage and the “X” stitching makes the long handles strong enough to hold many items without broken.
Easy To Clean: Each 50 LBS shopper bag’s special fabric is easy to clean, which makes the contents inside are not easy to get wet and keep the bag away from getting dirty easily.Simply use a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt or rinse off under cold water, and let bag air dry.
Removable Bottom Support Provides Extra Stability: Each high-qualfied shopping bag for grocery comes with an removable bottom support, with which you can put them inside shopping cart, trunk, floor reposefully and the inside items won’t fall down or drop off easily.
Sufficient Quantity & Assorted Color: Each package comes with 10 pieces of reusable shopping bags with bottom support, enough to satisfy your daily use; The 10 bags are in 5 colors, 2 pieces for each, very stylish and easy-match that fits for most people.
Wide Range of Use: You can send these bags to others as gifts, or use them for packing your gifts, and these bags are also applicable for holding clothes, books, fruits, vegetables and more other items in your daily life, very useful.

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