How to choose the weight of paper for custom-made paper bags

June 18 , 2021
How to choose the weight of paper for custom-made paper bags for different purposes

In the process of customizing portable paper bags, many customers will have a misunderstanding, that is, the thicker the kraft paper, the better the bags will be made. But in fact, according to different uses, it is more important to choose the right weight of paper.

How to choose the weight of paper of different materials

First of all, let's talk about the most commonly used Kraft Paper Bags when customizing hand-held paper bags. The most commonly used weights of kraft paper are 100 grams, 120 grams, 150 grams, 180 grams and 200 grams. Generally, the smaller hand-held paper bags choose kraft paper of 100 grams to 120 grams. This weight-bearing weight is no problem, but the stiffness is not very good. If the stiffness is relatively high, you can choose kraft paper of 180 grams or more.

For OEM Luxury Cardboard Paper Gift Bag, White card paper usually has a weight of 210 grams and 230 grams. It is not recommended to choose a higher weight because white card paper needs to be coated on both sides. Thick paper is easy to make during the production process. Burst, affect the appearance. Especially in the relatively dry seasons of autumn and winter.

The same is true for coated paper bags. For coated paper bags, the commonly used weights of coated paper are 157grams, 180 grams, and 200 grams. Although the coated paper also has a weight of 250 grams, 300 grams, etc., it is not recommended to choose, because the coated paper and white cardboard also need double-sided coating, and if the weight is too thick, it will easily burst.

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