Felt and Leather Laptop Cases to make you swoon

Oct 08, 2010
Felt and Leather Laptop Cases To Make You Swoon
Felt and Leather Laptop Cases to make you swoon

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like my whole life is on my laptop.  The last time I said that out loud though, my kids looked at me a bit askance. I tried to apologize and retract, but the damage was done, they throw it back in my face regularly.  Sigh . . teenagers.

I promise that this is not a post about how we need to put our families first. I’ll save that for another time. It is a post about how important it is to protect the things nearest and dearest to our heart (mainly family, but occasionally laptops). In this case (ha-ha), I’ve been running around for the greater part of a year with my laptop loose in my purse. Now, when your entire livelihood (there, that’s a better way to put it) is on said laptop, I’d say that may qualify as stupido.

This week I went on a laptop case search and came up with some beauties. It will be very clear that I am a huge fan of leather and felt laptop cases. There isn’t a ton of variety here, but if your taste runs the same as mine, you’ll be swooning in no time!

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