• New products are released in our shop-Economical Cotton Tote Bag
    May 27, 2021 New products are released in our shop-Economical Cotton Tote Bag
    Need a great high quality multipurpose economy cotton canvas tote bag? Our blank bag allows you to creatively DIY your art ideas and adds some colors to your life. The most important question in the world today is pollution, it’s everyone’s duty to love and protect the environment. Reduce to use the plastic bag for shopping, which is an easy way we can make it, our cotton canvas bag is one of good choices for replacement, let’s make our home become much more beautiful. MULTI-FUNCTION: great for painting and decorating projects at home, at school, or in camp, add your own touch with paint and other craft tools for a personalized gift bags to your loved ones (please add a paper in the bag to avoid the ink permeating into another side when do a painting). Buy some Heat Transfer Vinyl paper to iron-on transfer it on the bag, also can do embroidery. ECO-FRIENDLY: responsible for saving the planet by not choosing paper or plastic bags, go green, bring our life in a colorful and creative way. Could be used as teacher bag, nurse bag, library bag, book bag, party bag, birthday bag, bride bag, wholesale bag, trade show bag, conference bag, promotional bag, gift bag, giveaway bag, advertising bag, candy bag, silk screen printing bag, church bag, Christmas bag, Halloween bag, Thanksgiving bag, holiday bag, welcome bag and other various event bags. WASHING NOTICE: cleaning of 100% cotton bags is not recommended. The washing shrinkage rate exceeds 10%. Should it be seriously dirty, it is recommended to wash it in cold water by hand. Hang dry is necessary before high- temperature ironing. Please notice that the fabric may not return to the original flatness. Flash drying and machine wash shall be prohibited.
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  • 2021 Branding Trends to Consider for your Luxury Paper Bag
    May 25, 2021 2021 Branding Trends to Consider for your Luxury Paper Bag
    Luxury paper bags are ideal for those who want to give their customers a little extra something to make them feel special. It shows that your brand is different than the rest of the businesses out there and is likely to make them come back time and time again. If you use luxury paper bags for your business and customers, then you’re already on the right track. You’re standing out from the crowd, whilst taking the extra step to make things appear more expensive and elite. But sometimes it can be a struggle to consistently come up with unique and fun trends to get your printed paper bags noticed. Obviously, you want them to have your brand on them – but what else? If you’re handing out luxury paper bags, then the chances are that you’ll want to stay on top of the latest trends so that you’re ahead of the curve. We’ve got you covered with some of the biggest branding trends expected to take 2020 by storm – so you can stay one (luxurious) step ahead of the competition. However, it also feels ‘clean’ and new, allowing a brand to be both sophisticated and fun at the same time. The brilliance of line art is that you can play around as much as you want, without losing the sense of refinery. This trend is perfect for independent boutiques and hipster brands. Line art and branded paper bags are two incredibly simple ideas coming together to form a beautiful piece of branding. For further luxury paper bag branding and design advice, get in touch. We would be happy to help you craft the perfect, on trend design that captures your business. Email: admin@felt.com   Tel: +86 13068767239
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  • We have our own shop in Alibaba and made in China Welcome to your inquiry
    April 20, 2021 We have our own shop in Alibaba and made in China Welcome to your inquiry
    This is our shop in Alibaba Welcome to your inquiry This ie our shop in Made-in-china. Welcome your inquiry Product packaging has played a crucial role in the consumer decision-making process during a retail or e-commerce buying experience. According to a study by The Paperworker, about 52% of online consumers would most likely return to a business if they received their product in high-quality packaging, and 74% of consumers will most likely share a photo of product packaging in their social media As you can see, an effective product packaging design can create tons of leverage for your business. Bringing new packaging ideas to life, however, can be a daunting task, and there are so many factors to take into consideration. Luckily, we created a comprehensive guide to take you through every step of the process in the simplest way. We are professional in packaging
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  • We are Specialized in Customized packaging Brand Bags
    March 17, 2021 We are Specialized in Customized packaging Brand Bags
    Good Feedback from customers Thank you for your trust in yifelt bag, first cooperation, lifelong satisfaction. On February 25th, we received the order from the customer. It only took us 20 days from production to packaging and then to transportation. The customer wanted to buy jewelry, hoping that our packaging bags would set off the nobility and luxury of jewelry. I hope we can cooperate again. Bags | Wholesale Bags and Packaging from ClearBags It often takes starting a business to realize how often bags and packaging play a role in a person’s life. At Yifelt , we’ve developed a reputation for providing quality, affordable bags in bulk in nearly every shape and size so that those in need of bags have the perfect packaging for nearly any use. Here you will find packaging that come with or without flaps, resealable bags, and many other designs featured. From newspaper bags to gusset bags to food safe bags and more, we have over 2,000 different products in stock to ensure that you have every type of bag or wrapping you need for your products, gift bags, and carrying needs. Click on our categories to see our inventory, or call us to learn more about our custom packaging options. Custom Print Packaging At Paper Mart Yifelt knows the value of personalized gifts presentation. We are proud to offer easy to use custom packaging options and custom packaging design in a huge selection of boxes, bags, and labels. With the range of styles, colors and shapes available here, designing an eye-catching gift bag for your personal event or business packaging is fun and easy. The Yifelt Design Studio Our user-friendly design studio streamlines your custom packaging design process and makes creating an artful gift or shopping bag as easy as can be. You are able to upload your own artwork or use the point-and-click design station. Our design station is complete with a wide array of fonts or clipart to make the creation process fun, easy and very efficient. You Can Use The Design Studio To Create Beautiful boxes & printed bags to enhance your merchandising. Print custom stickers, labels, personalized address labels for easy branding. Contact me: If you have any questions,pls contact  me Whatsapp+ 86 13068767239 Wechat 13068767239 Email: admin@yifelt.com Hebei Yifelt Import & Export Co., Ltd
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  • About new product Recycled Eco-Non-woven bga ,PP Nonwoevn bag
    August 09, 2020 About new product Recycled Eco-Non-woven bga ,PP Nonwoevn bag
    Increase and optimize your exposure while building eco-friendly brand image with our diverse collection of fully custom non-woven bags. Each non-woven bag is constructed with reusable and 100% recyclable polypropylene plastic and manufactured with minimal greenhouse gas emission, reducing pollution and landfill waste. Work directly with a dedicated in-house expert to build an exclusive design that captures your brand and campaign message with each aesthetic detail. Consumers worldwide, including your customers, are demanding “green” products and sustainable strategies from the brands competing for their business. Eco-conscious customers will appreciate your devotion to planetary preservation, proudly carrying their recycled totes on daily excursions and promoting your eco-ethical brand to prospects. Secure long-term profitability, market share value and customer loyalty with a brand exclusive design of Custom Non-Woven Bags. Engage your audience with a creative and eco-friendly accessory that is as useful as it is ethical. Your customers will appreciate your efforts of eco-responsibility, sparking an increase of word-of-mouth advertising as they travel with your custom non-woven bag to school, work, the gym, beach trips, picnics and so much more. Showcase your eco-friendly brand on the graphic imprint areas for optimized exposure, brand recognition and secured customer loyalty.
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  • About new product Non-woven bga ,PP Nonwoevn bag launch, launch, exhibition,
    May 08, 2020 About new product Non-woven bga ,PP Nonwoevn bag launch, launch, exhibition,
    Our latest product is on the line, the non-woven folding bag, which has recently been sold in North America, Europe and many other countries. After the sale, it has been unanimously praised and will be shared with every reader. Non-woven folding bag, its advantage is that it is convenient to carry, can stand upright, and a bag with a square bottom Its advantages: Variety of pattern designs: these non-woven bags use classic red and black grid design, 6 different pattern designs, each one is exquisite, beautiful, very cute and festive, which can attract people's attention in the first time and add Christmas joyful atmosphere Appropriate size: the unfolded size of the bag is 35 x 28 x 12 cm / 13.8 x 11 x 4.7 inches, (not including the hand-held position); the bag has a very large capacity, and it can stand on the ground after it is loaded, which is very convenient to use Multifunctional gift bags: our bags are very suitable for Christmas gifts, candies, clothes, toys, red wine, etc., as gifts or party bags to other people; they can also be placed under the Christmas tree as cute decorations to enhance Christmas festival atmosphere; it can also be used as a daily storage bag, stylish and practical, or for various DIY handmade creations to give full play to imagination Large quantity: a total of 12 non-woven bags, 6 different patterns, each of 2, a large number, rich and diverse styles, to solve your choice problem and meet your needs in various occasions Good quality: these bags are made of high-quality non-woven fabrics, light weight, environmentally friendly and hygienic, can be reused, portable, easy to carry, pattern double-sided film, have a certain waterproof function, bright and stable, you can use for a long time
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